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Abu Dhabi Golf Club Course Update


All the greens at Abu Dhabi Golf Club have recovered well and are providing a uniform, level, and consistent surface. As the soil temperatures have warmed up over the past weeks we have become more aggressive with our weekly cultural works that consist of verti-cutting, topdressing, brushing, and pencil tining. All the cultural work will assist the maintenance team with control over grain and thatch whilst also adding valuable topdressing to dilute the soil profile. Towards the end of the month, the team will start to plan for renovations where the goal is to work the top 1 inch of the profile and remove large quantities of grass, thus allowing for new re-generation of grass whilst controlling grain. This work plus the installation of required nutrients into the profile will enable the greens to continue to perform at the highest level for months to come.


The fairways at Abu Dhabi Golf Club are in very good condition with a perfect surface given to the guest. During the summer months we have planned to conduct some extensive renovation works on the fairways to ensure that we continue to provide the best surfaces. This work will be split up over the summer weeks to ensure no guest is affected by our work.


The tees have also maintained excellent health and vigor during the past weeks and the transition and recovery from the winter months have been very satisfying. Prior to renovations in May we will re-shape all tees as well as looking to level any areas that have become uneven due to subsidence over the years. We closed the driving range tee for one month where we hollow-cored, verti-cut, and topdressed to regain the levels and remove any thatch build-up. The driving range tee will be reopened on 6th April 2023.


The rough is in generally good condition. We have some Bermuda grass in between the paspalum. In the summer we will work on turfing the Bermuda grass.


All bunkers have performed better over the past month. We carried out extensive work in March to redistribute all the sand as well as reduce compaction and allow increased water infiltration. The bunker edges will be some that we will work on to get firmness and stop the sand from sliding down the faces into the base of the bunker.

Upcoming Works for April

  1. Fairway and Tees devoting

  2. Lake Cleaning

  3. Landscape Cleaning on holes 1 to 27

  4. Verti-cutting and topdressing programs on all surfaces

  5. Preparation for Renovations

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