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Agronomy Update - 23rd April, 2023

Over the past week, the dedicated team of the National course has been working tirelessly to prepare for the upcoming Challenge Tour event and the weeks that follow before the arrival of the summer months.


Our team has been meticulous in their approach towards ensuring the greens at the National course are in prime condition. We have addressed all weak areas and are continuously monitoring them to guarantee optimal performance. As temperatures rise, our greens are adapting exceptionally well, and our team has been adjusting the mowing frequency to accommodate the growth, ensuring that they remain in peak condition.

• Height of Cut: 2,6mm


As the season changes, the National course becomes increasingly susceptible to diseases. Our team was quick to identify "Brown Patch" on the fairways and surrounds, and we have taken immediate action to combat this disease. We are confident that our team's proactive approach will ensure that the fairways are restored to top condition soon. We will continue to monitor the situation to maintain the best possible playing condition.

• Height of Cut: 9mm


The tees are performing well and after the tournament, we will continue our work on the tees by enlarging them and further leveling and enhancing the playing surface. Our goal is to ensure that our players experience the very best that the National course has to offer.

Height of cut: 2,8mm


In the last two weeks, our top priority has been to adjust the sprinklers, ensuring that the sand is less compacted, and providing players with a more natural feel.

We have also focused on edging and leveling all our green-side and fairway bunkers, guaranteeing a consistent bunker depth for all players.

Work completed

• Fairways and tees divoting program

• Bunker maintenance

• Lake cleaning

• Cleaning on-course landscape areas

• Greens weak areas plugged

• Putting Green re-opening

Upcoming work for May

• Cultural practices on Greens, Tees, and Fairways

• Removing Bermuda Grass in the rough area

• Completing the Chipping area facility

• Extension & leveling of tees

In conclusion, the National course is being tended to with utmost care and expertise, to ensure that it remains a world-class destination for all members and guests. We are excited to welcome you back onto The National course after the tournament and hope that it will be a memorable game.

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