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2024 Robert Rock
Abu Dhabi Championship 


Robert Rock Abu Dhabi Championship

2nd, 3rd & 4th of April 2024

Experience the excitement at the 2024 Robert Rock Abu Dhabi Championship, a distinguished three-day golf event set against the backdrop of Abu Dhabi's National Golf Course. As a key event in the World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR) series, this championship promises not only competitive play but also a celebration of golfing excellence. 

Each day, participants will be treated to a selection of light refreshments and snacks enhancing the vibrant atmosphere of this prestigious event. The championship will culminate in a closing ceremony dinner and presentation on the final day, celebrating the achievements of the players and the spirit of the game.


Robert Rock, whose presence is pivotal to the event's success, shares his enthusiasm: "I'm thrilled to return to the National Golf Course, a place where I've had some of the best finishes in my career. It's an honor to be a part of this event and give back to the local community here in Abu Dhabi. This championship is not just about golf; it's about bringing people together and sharing our love for this great sport."


Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to witness top-tier golfing and be a part of a community celebrating sportsmanship and excellence. See you at the tee!

3 Rounds

WAGR Series

3 Category Prizes


1st April - 4th April

Monday 1st April 

9am - Registration Open 
10am - 1pm - Practice Round (Optional) 

5pm - Meet and Greet Robert for Clinic 

6.30pm - Welcome dinner - (Optional)

Tuesday 2nd April 

9am - 12pm - 1st Round 

7pm - Parents Night Golf Challenge (Optional) 

Wednesday 3rd April 

9am -  12pm 2nd Round 

7pm - BBQ on the Terrace (Optional) 

Thursday 4th April 

8am - 11am - Final Round 

5pm - Prize Presentation & Final Dinner. 

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