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Junior Falcon Program

This year we have completely reimagined our Junior Falcon sections to further students learning and participation in golf in a more fun and competitive environment.

What's New?

Compared to previous years, where our classes were based on age, the new structure will base classes on students' abilities. This allows us to make the lessons more competitive without students feeling unable to participate. At the end of each term, we will be hosting assessments to record each student's progress and give students the motivation to advance to the next stage

Weekly competitions

We will now be introducing and hosting weekly on-course playing competitions for the Junior Falcons in the hopes of further exposing them to playing golf and to further helping integrate them into the golf club

Skill Gategories







Junior Falcon Program

Ladies Development Program

The Ladies Development Program is conducted over 8 weeks covering all aspects of the game including perfecting your putting and mastering your drives, fine-tuning your short game, and ensuring the overall enjoyment of the game.


The Next Season of the Ladies Development program begins the week of 15th April, 2024

We offer both morning & evening classes

Ladies Development
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Men's Development Program

Unlock the secrets to mastering every aspect of golf, from perfecting your putting to mastering your drives, fine-tuning your short game, and mastering the art of shaping shots, including every aspect in between.


Our Men's classes are conducted over an 8 Week time period where each session focuses on a different area of the game and begins the week of 15th April, 2024

Mens Development

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